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Physical and mental exercise is in the DNA of To Walk Again.


Physical and mental exercise is in the DNA of To Walk Again. We ensure that people (5-99 years) with a physical disability remain active in sports and exercise. We do this by organizing adventure weekends, On-Wheels days, seated ski vacations and summer camps.

To Walk Again creates a safe and positive environment that challenges our members to go for a life of dreams. We allow them to experience things they no longer thought possible. For example, during low-threshold On Wheels fields days, we offer unique sports experiences such as G-diving, G-Golf and gliding.

Friendships for life are forged. Peers experience one of the eleven TWA camps together and join one of the weekends that are organized. From a week of handbiking on our Belgian coast to a true Back to Basics weekend, where navigating with map and compass is required and cooking on a gas fire is daily business.

Our summer camps are organized at various, suitable locations in Flanders. In addition, each participant in the camp can count on free 24-hour supervision by a physiotherapist and/or nurse!

Inclusiveness is one of the key words of To Walk Again. The whole offer is aimed at bringing together able-bodied and disabled people. Exercise together, experience together, live together.