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In addition to our specific sports offer for children, adolescents and adults can come to our rehabilitation center after their acute rehabilitation. In the REVAlution center we focus on neurological rehabilitation. Thus, patients with a spinal cord injury, CVA, muscle disease or other neurological condition can come to us.

We always start from your goals to see what we can do for you. Based on your needs, expectations and goals, we put together the right exercise therapy, with technology also giving us a helping hand. We bring innovative developments to our patients in an accessible way and strive for an optimal physical and psychological quality of life for everyone. 

Under the tab "about us" you will find more information about our range of high-tech equipment.

To make sure that you, as a patient, can enjoy an optimal customized rehabilitation, we would like to outline what you need to do before we can start together.


If interested, please send an email to

Briefly tell us your story and goals so we can form a picture about your current situation.


To get to know your situation, expectations and personal goals better, we like to have a confidential conversation with you. On the basis of this information we can work out your personal program as detailed as possible, completely tailored to your needs.


In order to get a good and objective picture about the therapy, we first measure your current condition through modern analysis and measurement procedures. After some time, we make an objective evaluation of your progress. In this way we can continually refine, optimize and adjust your therapy plan and rehabilitation program where necessary.


To Walk Again likes to go to extremes and wants to push the boundaries together with you. This is possible thanks to our unique approach. Within a safe and challenging environment you can count on personal guidance from our experienced therapists. Our therapy is limited to 1 or 2 times a week, therefore it is recommended to combine this with a physiotherapist in your own environment.


With us you are never rehabilitated, moving is and remains important for your health! Have you achieved your goals? Then we will be happy to discuss any further steps and advice.

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