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To Walk Again and Science

Research and experimental Development (R&D).

Although the line, even in the research and development work at To Walk Again, is sometimes difficult to draw tightly, three types of activity are distinguished in R&D:

  • Basic research is experimental or theoretical work done primarily to gain new knowledge without any particular application or use in mind.

  • Applied research is also original research carried out to obtain new knowledge. However, it is primarily directed toward a specific practical purpose or objective.

  • Experimental development is systematic work, based on existing knowledge, aimed at producing, installing or substantially improving new materials, products, processes or services.


To Walk Again: Unlimited Innovation

From its mission of optimizing the physical and mental well-being of people with chronic physical disabilities, To Walk Again focuses primarily on applied research and experimental development.

Fully in line with the holistic perspective from which we approach our people, To Walk Again also strongly believes in the power of multidisciplinary collaboration to achieve its goals.

Depending on the specific objectives of the research or development project, we collaborate with universities, colleges, companies and other healthcare institutions. In doing so, we leverage our best practices, our know-how and the findings of our members to achieve workable and affordable results that make a difference.


Do you have a relevant research question or are you interested in a collaboration...? Let us know through this page.


Step robotics (mobilab)