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Mutual respect and trust


January 28, 2002. A day in sports history that no one will soon forget. Ambitious triathlete Marc Herremans had a serious fall during bicycle training on the island of Lanzarote. We all know how the story ends... His life will never be the same again. "I woke up in a different body."

Almost two years after his cycling accident, Marc founded the Foundation To Walk Again. Sixteen years later, the organization has become the reference par excellence where people with physical disabilities are challenged in a safe and positive environment through sport and exercise to maximize their quality of life (again).

Without Marc there was no To Walk Again, there was no hope. Marc Herremans is and remains the figurehead of To Walk Again. An example for many!


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  • "To Walk Again stands for hope. And hope does rehabilitate."

    Marc Herremans - Founder and figurehead To Walk Again

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The story behind To Walk Again triggered the interest of avid athlete Wout Van Aert. He knows from experience how it feels to suddenly be dependent on crutches and to be limited in your freedom. Wout has great admiration for the courage and perseverance of the REVAlution visitors and would like to support them actively.

Sarah De Bie, his wife, does not want to watch from the sidelines. She shares Wout's passion for everything that has to do with To Walk Again. The unique and innovative rehabilitation in particular. Wout and his wife Sarah are proud and convinced godparents of the To Walk Again REVAlution Center. They enthusiastically spread the hopeful message!

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  • "As an athlete, I know how hard it is to come back after an injury. To keep fighting every day to get stronger takes a lot of character and courage. To Walk Again gives that extra push."

    Wout Van Aert - Godfather of REVAlution Center

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The To Walk Again story of Jolien Van Loy starts at the beginning of 2013 when she gets involved in a dramatic traffic accident with unfortunate consequences. The verdict in the hospital of Gasthuisberg turned out to be very harsh: paraplegia, resulting in a paralysis of the chest. It was also there in Leuven that Jolien met Marc Herremans for the first time and in this way also got to know the To Walk Again project. As soon as it was possible, Jolien started to use the walking robot, which she still does on a weekly basis. It should come as no surprise that it is also mentally very liberating to experience the world upright again and to take new steps, both literally and figuratively. From her own experience, Jolien knows better than anyone what added value the REVAlution center can bring. She is specifically referring to the step robot, but the rehabilitation center also offers many other innovative technologies with which patients can get to know their own body again in a safe environment.

After studying Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp, Jolien was working as a Business Analyst for the brewery Alken-Maes at the time of her accident. Currently, she is studying again and has embarked on a whole new path with Nutrition and Dietetics.

Finally, Jolien is also personally committed to our association with Team Krollie. Thanks to her enthusiasm, drive and the great support of her family and friends, To Walk Again continues to grow and with her efforts (including the annual Run To Walk Again) she really does make a difference.

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  • "I will never forget the feeling when I used the step robot for the first time. I was so happy! It changed so much, really a world of difference."

    Jolien Van Loy - Member To Walk Again


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