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Hi everyone,


I am Walter Roelants.


On January 3rd a dream becomes reality – I will be on the starting line of the renowned Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia.  I honestly cannot believe it.  My goal?  To cross the famous finish line two weeks later on the 15th of January.  If I succeed, I will be the first Belgian 60- year-old on a motorcycle to finish the Rally.


It will be physically and mentally challenging – that’s for sure.  Let’s be honest, this race is nothing compared to what my son, Joël Roelants, has gone through in recent years.  Joël had an unfortunate crash at the GP of Italy six years ago. From then he is paralyzed from the chest down. The news hit us hard, really hard.  Certainly, for a 25-year-old young man who was at the prime of his sport. The accident was the start of a long and ongoing rehabilitation process that up until today really makes a difference.


An important player in the rehab process was and still is more than ever “To Walk Again”  What this organization has meant for my son and indirectly for me is indescribable. Even though Joël is paralyzed, without To Walk Again, he would not be where he is today.  The organization has helped achieve that Joël is stronger today more than ever.


That’s why I want to support To Walk Again with my participation in the Dakar Rally.   And certainly, in these difficult times, because corona has caused fundraising to come to an almost complete standstill.  Did you know that To Walk Again is 100% dependent on your donations? In Belgium gifts from 40 € are tax deductible for 60% in 2020 and from 1 January deductible for 40%. So those funds are more than needed. In this way, Joël and his fellow companions with a serious physical disability, each get a chance to believe again.  Hope brings them life!


To Walk Again makes people dream, believe and encourages them to keep fighting. Help make these dreams come true and make a donation!

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